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My Great-grandparents were born in Romania and
Austria-Hungary, my grand parents in Austria-Hungary,
and my mother was born in America, and was brought up
with German speaking parents. My name is Gale, better
known as Gypsy Woman. For years, Gypsies have been
known and called, tramps, theives, vagabonds, and so on,
and for the most part, this may have been true many years
ago, but no longer.  Through the years, Gypsies have been
persecuted, murdered and tortured, especially by Hiltler.
Like the Jews, Gypsies were singled out by the Nazi's for
racial persecution and anniliation...they were
"non-persons" of foreign blood. This website is dedicated
to Gypsies everywhere..."Gott ist mit ihnen".

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This slide show starts at 1895 and ends at 1999. Gypsies were
talented people and self suffient. They were coppersmiths,
blacksmiths, artists, cobblers. They were wonderful with
crafts and, yes, even fortune telling and reading cards.
Thank you so much for viewing my website. I hope you
enjoyed it. Take care and God bless,